What about our 2020 novelties

Inbound Marketing France 2020 testify And because the success of an event is measured above all by the satisfaction of the participants, we collected many testimonials that warmed the hearts of the entire team. I was attending the event for the first time. We have the opportunity to share and receive a lot, there are many good ideas to take. The interventions that punctuated the day therefore had the desired effect.  The audit space was part of it and what a pleasure to see visitors interacting with experts throughout the day.

The first edition was an opportunity

We discussed the major challenges in our market and related to our inbound strategy. I was able to ask a lot of questions! Another novelty: the prize for the best whatsapp mobile number list inbound marketing and digital strategy, which from the first edition was an opportunity to discover strategies, each more innovative than the last . It was finally Teralta, Groupe CHR, whose strategy was led by .As part of the Inbound marketing France event, we attended “who needs an office”, the conference by Wade Foster, CEO of Zapier. Zapier is at the origin of a recent survey which tells us that 95% of employees in the tertiary sector (United States) wish to work from home and that they would even be 74% to say they are ready.

A web service that facilitates automation

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The technique, and people who are more expert in the heart of business business. We thus DM Databases achieve an operation based on synergy and collective intelligence. to leave their job for the TO DO. Some companies go further than a one-time telework day, they have chosen to do without offices. This is the case of Zapier, a web service that facilitates automation and connection between different applications. With 300 employees in 27 countries, Wade Foster can boast of concrete feedback! In the early days of Zapier, in Columbia Missouri, remote work was not a topic of discussion between the co-founders but a simple reality. Zapier was then a side-project on which entrepreneurs worked evenings and weekends.

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