Velneo 34.1 Review

Improve context menus with translation

The translation system has been Velneo Review improv so that when we disp Velneo 34.1 Review lay a custom context menu in the grids, options with the text in English appear (VELNEO-16566).

Improved Export to XML option

The “export to xml” option is enable in the extend Bitcoin Data e list menu for use in Web execution (VELNEO-16585).

Implementation of the “modify field” and “modify field yes…” options

Implementation in web execution of the options

Improved “Recover virtual list” option

In Web execution, the “Recover virtual list” option is enable in the default list menu (VELNEO-16587).

Improved text editors.

Resolved issue that caused Velneo vDevelop Web text eitors to not be fu Velneo 34.1 Review nctional (VELNEO-16634).

Improved web execution of grid dialog forms

An issue that prevente grid registration forms from. Opening in a dialog box during web application execution has been resolve(VELNEO-16740).


Improve advance grid sorting when column is defineby a formula

It prevents the advance grid from breaking when sorting by a column when it has previously been sorted by another column containing a formula, when the grid has multiselection activate(VELNEO-16647).

Fixe issue in Advanced Grid sorting after list change

Advanced grid sorting is improved by preventing it from breaking when sorting after the list containing the grid has been refreshed by means of an event handler (VELNEO-16651).

Improved sorting in advanced grid with active filter

An issue that caused a record display error when sorting with an active filter has been resolved (VELNEO-16783).

Fixed issue with “Objects not directly used” option in vDevelop

ption in Velneo vDevelop to not be functional has been resolved (VELNEO-16770).


New version required to run on web with version 34.1

If you have vLauncher version 34.0 installed, you ne Velneo 34.1 Review ed to upgrade to vServer 34.1 to run it. A bug has been fixed when downloading the web assembly version of the launcher.

Review FAQ

Will revision 34.1 be compatible with version 34.0?

The versions are compatible, and Velneo vClient 34.1 can be connecte to Velneo vServer 34.0 and vice versa. However, we recommend that you update all components to be able to enjoy the improvements of this new revision.

Do I nee to activate the server again after updating it?

It is not necessary. Once update, it will recognize the act| DM Databases ivation already performe with the Velneo 34.0 version.

Release Notes

before upgrading from versi Velneo 34.1 Review ons prior to 34.

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