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If you don’t find what you want to emb on the page, please use the code integration quiz from an external resource. The forms available in the designer are easy to customize. You will be prompt to choose from several types of fields, including sliders, lists, checkboxes, calculators, and more. Survey results and visitor data are import into your own system. From there, they can be rirect to email for notification or text message. Online Calculator You can set up a simple calculator in almost every multi-line block in . You simply add requir fields (dropdowns, quantities, checkboxes, etc.) and assign a variable to each field. Set up the calculation of the results and their further output by formulating mathematical formulas.

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The system performs basic arithmetic operations (addition and multiplication, subtraction and division, parentheses) well, with the exception of logical calculations. Improve Your Website’s Efficiency Malta Phone Number List Improve Your Website’s Efficiency You can use ready-made block shapes number or, if your goal is to create a complex calculator, use the zero block itor. Write calculations in and paste them as code. Split testing tests are only available to users through external services such as . First you ne to create a project in it and specify the test type with rirection.

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In the constructor itself, two pages with different addresses are form. You can create each individually or duplicate the one you ne and it its parameters. Each page that will be test must be DM Databases assign a code generat by . We go back to the project and set the goal for the split test. Let’s say we’re interest in the amount of time visitors spend on a page or some action they take. After setting the criteria, we start the testing process. Image Optimization When uploading large images, automatically changes their resolution to pixels.

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