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Formation of directory sections (maximum number for one site). Provisions for discounts and bonuses. Although there is no hierarchy in the catalog, the same product can be assign to different categories. In other words, you can manually build jobs by subcategory. In addition, the graphic itor provides a block for the so-call breadcrumbs, which contains links to a specific product category or subcategory. For those that do not fit the propos functionality, third-party solutions can be integrat. For example, , or other ready-made modules. Most of the time, the stages of creating an online store on the constructor are similar to the process of organizing it on other platforms: the work of the catalog module.

The Option Is Also Available

Activation is done through additional settings, while products are not includ in the total limit of site pages. Connect and set up payment systems. Integration of online cash registers and third-party Malaysia Phone Number List gateways is not a mandatory step; direct checkout is possible. Import your own catalog. Manage shipping methods and set up shopping carts. Pin products to specific pages. Complete the buy and sell transaction. Use built-in or external . It should be not that, within the existing constraints, it is recommend to use the help of the constructor when creating a small online store with a simple structure.

In The Site It Window

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In particular, we’re talking about the functionality of catalogs, where product cards are display only in a pop-up window, the amount of available platform disk space and the number of pages limit. Blogs Users who maintain their own blogs can create sites on , for free. The Ribbon is configur in one of the following ways: Manually collect pages, highlight the home page, for example, you can place a brief description of the publish material on the home page. It should be not that DM Databases the number of pages is limit to one page, but at the same time each page can be unique, and the design and layout of the section can be select.

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