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How to Apply for Self-Employment To apply for self-employ status, you will ne to complete the registration process and receive confirmation. All the details are in the tax code. There are different formatting methods. Below we will introduce each in detail. Become self-employ through the app First, you ne to download the app. Depending on your device and OS type, this can be done in or . After launching the application, accept the terms of use and agree to the processing of data. Next, the appropriate registration method options will be provid. Consider which one is convenient for you. Self-employment application metho.

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Self-employment application method According to the passport: Select the registration item through the Russian Feration passport; Enter your mobile phone number and enter the code in the SMS message Belgium Phone Number List you receiv; Mark the area; Point the camera at the passport and click Identify to scan; Check to read Information: Click Confirm if everything is correct, and re-identify if there is an error; Add or delete a photo to confirm your identity; Click the Confirm button to complete the registration. After completing all the above steps, the Tax Office will be automatically notifi of the registration. This registration process takes to minutes and is the easiest and most convenient method. All procures are carri out online and do not require you to visit the tax office in person.

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In any case, you ne to install the program because it allows censors to control your activities. Via Public Services: Create an account on the portal, or log in if you already have one; Indicate your DM Databases passport details, your phone number and; Proce to confirm your account (you will ne your passport and the phone number); select the appropriate option in the system registration window; log in through the phone number and code in the text message; select an area, compare the data and click the confirmation button.

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