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This can be done by creating work rules for employees in . If no one else is working on the system but you or it doesn’t have many employees, then you can skip this step. In fact, the rules are an approved document with instructions. This makes it easier to use the system in practice. There are several key points, which will be discussed in detail below. You should first register a user in the system. Figure out: login username; password and how to recover it. How to sign a contract with a client Read also How to sign a contract with a client and more These are the first moments and they are very important. Once employees know their login details, they can use any device to continue working.

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Explain how the works. Specify such concepts and processes: Interface functions. Insert a screenshot of the program of your choice into the text. funnel. Write down the stages of the funnel, the Croatia Phone Number List conditions under which a deal can go to the next stage. At this point, you can use a block diagram. discount. Explain how transactions are performed, their naming principles. Write down which fields are required, where you can make footnotes and write comments, and how to close the deal. Customer base maintenance organization Customer base maintenance organization Managers tracking Updates is very important.

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As the system expands over time, the interface may change. Regulations should be kept up to date so employees are always using the latest information. Note the following common mistakes DM Databases when creating directives to avoid: There are several services used to communicate with clients. Data are scattered across different programs and not collected by . In this case information is always lost. Lack of structure. Employees cannot understand the documentation on their own and have many questions.

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