The better your chances of ranking higher on google

 You will be rewarded. Share your new article like crazy now that you’ve written your article. It’s time to market it. Sharing it on facebook . Twitter and linkedin is a given. But there is much more to it than that. What really matters is telling the right people about it. Reach The better your out to influencers to see if they’re willing to link to your content; create a youtube audio version of your content with a link to the article in the description; or even create a podcast with a summary of your article.

Use every avenue possible to get your article

In front of as many eyes as possible. The more New Zealand WhatsApp Number List times your article is viewed. Shared. And commented on. The better your chances of ranking higher on google. Write keyword rich headlines one of the keys to ranking on google is to make sure you write keyword-rich titles. Headlines are important. They are important to people and therefore important to seo. Most people will only pay attention to the first two words of your search phrases to decide whether or not you have the content they are looking for.

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So be sure to play with variations of your

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Headlines to include the necessary keywords and Singapore WhatsApp Number List grab the reader’s attention as quickly as possible. For example. Let’s take the search phrase “ make money on google adsense .” headlines-keywords-earn-money-googleadsense here are some headline variations you could use to rank for that keyword: how to make money on google adsense in 3 simple steps. The proven method to make money on google adsense in any niche. Guide to making money online this weekend how to make money on google adsense today using the skills I already have.


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