Thanks to Kaspersky Security Network

Learning about it is just Second! , we know that there are more than ,00,000 attempted attacks on KSN user passwords every year. In 2016, the number was even higher – as high as ,000. This means that more than one password hacking attempt occurs every second worldwide! Additionally

our year-end research shows

that attacks not only affect home users, but businesses are not immune either. % of small business owners surveyed have experienced at Belize Mobile Number List least one cyber incident in the past two years, with nearly a quarter (%) of these attacks due to the use of weak, duplicate or old passwords. How we

check your data We use



three methods to check whether your data and passwords have been compromised: Through your Kaspersky Standard, Kaspersky¬† Plus ¬†and DM Databases Kaspersky Advanced email address. It’s simple: You enter into the app the email addresses you and your loved ones use for your online accounts. We will tell you if any of your personal data, including passwords, has been

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