SEO trends in 2017 Google

New Year’s Eve is approaching and it’s time to talk about search engine optimization trends for the upcoming 2017.

Let’s look at a few points that we think will increase their importance in Google rankings.


Google said it would begin marking HTTP sites as unsafe starting in early 2017.

Therefore, it is worth taking the presence of an SSL certificate on the site more seriously. And in order not to lose traffic when moving, trust an experienced specialist or do it yourself, following the recommendations in Google Help.

2. Optimization for mobile search

The share of mobile Ebay Data traffic on the Internet continues to grow and Google pays great attention to this aspect. Your site should have a mobile or adaptive version of the site. You can check the loading speed and ease of viewing the site on a mobile device on the site.

Create AMP pages and speed up your website loading speed. According to statistics, 40% of users leave a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

3. Micro-markup and rich snippets

Implement micro-markup. This way, you increase CTR and help the system better understand the structure of the site.

4. Voice search

Every fifth request in mobile search is made by voice. These are mostly questions or searches for facts. Create a FAQ section on your website, collecting the most common questions and answers to them.

5. Local Search Optimization

Add your organization to Google Maps, provide as much information about the company DM Databases as possible, and ask customers to leave reviews about you.

6. LSI – texts

Optimization of text on the page not only for specific keywords, but also for phrases close to them. This concerns phrases that help to understand the subject of the text.

Finally, I suggest looking at the opinions of foreign experts regarding SEO trends in 2017.

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