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Thus, articles are shown in the fe to users interest in a particular topic. For authors of , this is an enticing opportunity to monetize their publications. You can earn extra income from your hobby or expertise if readers are interest in them and publish regularly. To register and work in , there are both mobile apps and web versions that can be download at , , and . You ne an email and mobile number. YouTube is a similar website in China, found in . This online platform has functionality to view video content, movies and series publish here. You can post personal videos and subscribe to other users’ channels. Conveniently, on , you can also listen to recordings in podcast form, with news fes.

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You can use this online platform through mobile apps for and on the web version of the website. The foundation of the Yuppie platform is user video content. The stock currently has more than Ukraine Phone Number List videos divid into categories. Users can shoot sequels or make collages of videos that interest them. A notable feature of the app (there is no web version of the site) is the ability to create virtual rooms. Up to five people can it videos together and post them to their own accounts. Conveniently, there is a video instruction that teaches step-by-step how to use the platform. In 2009, the number of users exce one million.

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World’s Most Popular Social Networks by Year The most popular social networks depend on several important factors: Ratings of popular social networks in the Unit States and around DM Databases the world are two different lists. Even the top five have significant differences. The criteria that define social networks, instant messengers and online platforms are also different. For example, is it a social network or a content platform? Criteria for social network popularity depend on the survey’s methodology and its representativeness.

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