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However, all websites that fall within the definition of a social network must sooner or later install a special program to count the number of visitors. This obligation has been sanction by law. Users will be able to track activity and read the latest information by subscribing to these communities from their personal accounts. New Social Mia Advertisement Rules From 1/2/2019, an ad includes any information direct at an indeterminate circle of web users if the purpose of the ad is to draw attention to the subject of the ad, maintain interest in the ad and promote it in the market . The new Advertising Law, releas this year, states that any information that falls within the definition of an advertisement must be label.

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Failure to comply with this requirement will result in administrative fines. This rule applies to absolutely everyone: companies, ad networks and bloggers (even with a small number of subscribers). Find out France Phone Number List which careers in earning ₽ months The team has work with international career development experts to prepare materials to help you start your path to the career of your dreams. This selection includes only the most popular and high-paying majors and fields in the field. With the help of these materials, our students determine immiate career goals! Download and use now: Alexander SagonAlexander Sagon CEO Icons.

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Most Demand and Highest Paying Jobs by Year to know what’s going on in the labor marke. Document Icons Help Multiple Resource sonly the best Telegram Channels, Channels, Podcasts , forums, etc. A to learn new DM Databases knowlge about icon services and applications. Today’s safe and reliable working procures free download. Select click on the animat document download icon Since this year, the Unifi Register of. Internet Advertisements has been in operation to monitor compliance. A with new regulations, And creat the advertising data operator.

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