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New rules for social networks and From now on, Russian users can hang out on social networks even during legal working hours. The new social network rules obligate all authorities, including local governments, subdivisions and organizations, and courts, to create and promote their own pages on social networks. This rule took effect on . Two social networks have been officially sanction in which different levels of authority are require to maintain accounts: and . By law, government officials must now create their own accounts on the two social networks and post incident reports, comments on various topical issues, and post contact information (phone numbers, addresses) on their pages.

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That is to say, starting from January, Russian users in social networks will be able to obtain the latest information from official channels. Interesting Telegram Channels on Various Topics Also read Interesting Telegram Channels on Various Topics More Two legally sanction social networks ( and ) are subject to the laws of the Russian Aeration and, therefore, are Denmark Phone Number List not expect to appear in connection with publishing publications and Difficulties associate with unauthorize blocking. An important point: both social networks are register on the territory of the Russian Aeration and operate under its jurisdiction, which means that individuals and legal entities users of these sites will be able to apply to the courts to protect their rights.

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No foreign social network offers such an opportunity: Outside Russia, almost all foreign social networks can do whatever they want with the accounts of Russian users (including the mia and authorities). New rules DM Databases for social networks and new rules for social networks and In order to protect users from inaccurate information from unofficial sources, on these two sites, official pages own by the authorities will assign certain signs to be us on these resources Identify them among the total number of pages host on.

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