Machine Learning And Ai-generated Content Continue

Third-party content, like sharing other people’s articles on your social media feed or having an influencer talk about your products and services, isn’t limited to the B2C industry. B2B companies are also reaching out to micro-influencers that are niche experts or creators. Although UGC is 9.8 times more impactful, B2B clients still find third-party content more trustworthy than vendor content. B2B and B2C companies also see equal success in influencer marketing when analyzing their ROI. We expect this will continue to grow as a marketing strategy come 2023.

5. Voice Search Optimization

Search behavior is constantly evolving as more and more people have access to voice-activated speakers and digital database assistants. According to research conducted by Microsoft, 50% of users expect to be able to make purchases with their digital assistant within the next five years. While we can’t imagine using Siri to find B2B companies, there’s no doubt that it’s a trend that will keep growing in 2023. Voice search optimization includes using conversational keywords, schema markup, and adding a FAQ section to your pages.

6. By-Human-For Human Content


Machine learning and AI-generated content continue to grow as content marketing tactics, but Google doesn’t seem happy about it.

The Helpful Content update was released this year to remind webmasters to create people-first content. This may not look good for people who have invested in AI-generated content.

These automated tools are built DM Databases to take keywords and ideas from what is already existing in search results and spin them to avoid plagiarism. That goes against what Google is looking for, which is authentic and unique content created by humans for humans. Read more from the developers on people-first content. We’re expecting to see more brands working on sounding more human in their content, with personality, tone, and thought put into it.

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