Find Out What the ROI of Interactive Content

The ROI of interactive content is higher than that. Of static content and can generate very interesting values, for example, if the content goes viral. Find Out That is why sales and marketing are taking advantage of this type of content to improve their numbers and generate more leads and customers. Interactive content is one of the newest marketing strategies to generate more leads and more customers. This is due to the excellent results that this type of content can provide to companies. Interactive content attracts attention, captivates the lead and keeps them close to the brand.

What is Interactive Content Find Out

Interactive content is content that allows email contact list interaction with the user, thus creating a unique result. There are several possible formats to create interactive content. But the most used are infographics , quizzes , ebooks , whitepapers, calculators, landing pages , contests and videos . Each type of interactive content can be used in different ways within a Marketing plan. And there is no specific rule on how to use it or which one to use. The important thing is that it is aligned with. The wishes of the company’s Buyer Persona and meets their needs.

The Advantages of Using Interactive Content

Captivating the public’s attention can generate DM Databases several benefits for companies’ marketing and sales . Increasing ROI with interactive content is one of them. This is because interactive content. All these benefits impact the return on investment and for the vast majority of companies that adopted interactive content this is already a reality. In a study prepared in 2018 by Demand Metric and the interactive content platform Ion Interactive, we can see that 96% of Marketing specialists say that interactive content positively impacts the purchasing journey.

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