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In order to simplify the implementation of the new requirements, the social network create its own advertising data operator. Thanks to , advertisers and advertisers are left with a small set of jobs whose content depends directly on who they are: direct advertisers; marketing or advertising agencies; marketing or advertising agencies working with other agencies; advertising distributors. Rules for labeling ads on different market players Let’s analyze the new rules of Russian social networks for labeling ads for each market player from 1/2019: Direct advertisers If you decide to interact with social networks with advertising yourself, you Will be responsible for the mark and bear the corresponding responsibility.

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In most cases, this option is suitable for individuals, freelancers, self-employ and small companies who do not intend to use intermarries to advertise on social networks. To comply with the new USA Phone Number List advertising law, direct advertisers must: sign the offer in the website’s advertising account; create advertising campaigns according to the previously us algorithm (after uploading each individual creative, a token is automatically general for it and the advertising marker is plac , then send the upload material for review). At the end of the month, information about all impressions and advertising costs will be automatically sent to.

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When launching an advertising campaign on the social network, you won’t. A face any difficulties, because all organizational issues will be taken care of. Marketing or Advertising Agency When organizing a large-scale advertising campaign across multiple. Websites at once, it is best to seek help from a digital agency. Algorithm of action for marketing or advertising agency DM Databases marketing or advertising agency marketing or advertising agency. Drafting an agreement with mandatory supplementary agreements, in which the client agrees to transmit all necessary information to. CEO Alexander Volcek Get a detail guide for beginners , how to earn ₽ 10,000 a month from scratch. We invite you to join our free online intensive course offer.

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