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What else is important and useful? First, the ability to integrate external analysis services, in particular , . Second, a tool for testing to assess the effectiveness of the page (split testing). Third, there is a dynamic text option, usually us when creating geography or multiple landings. Steps to create a website on : Step 1: Create a project and assign a domain name. Your site should have a name so you can easily find the right item among other projects. This is especially important if your account is associat with a business plan and you develop multiple websites at the same time. Only you can see the project’s name.

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Their list appears in the My Sites section of the main menu. Immiately after the logo you will see the corresponding item, clicking on it will take you to the home page where you can select the desir site. We have already said that the constructor provides a hint to the user. So, if you are a beginner and entering the platform for the first time, you Netherlands Phone Number List will notice that some buttons are highlight. These are: Help Center , Site Settings , Create New Page . Consider the purpose of each in more detail. The Help Center contains answers to all user questions. Russian-speaking technical support will never let your problem go unnotic and will help you solve it in a short time.

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When you click the Site Settings button, you will see several tabs. We choose Main , we ne it first because the rest of the operations will be perform in the following steps or when DM Databases connecting paid tariffs. You ne to enter a project name and give a brief description of it in the Site Description field. Note that the default domain name is . If you have a free plan, then you can only change fragments. Would you like to remove the prefix from the name? Then you have to connect the paid option.

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