If you have a huge website with thousands of pages

 Seo is expensive. Providers spend on staff . Content If you have a huge and sometimes external links (linkbuilding) . When a customer’s monthly retention is low. The provider cannot hire top staff or can buy external links on blogs. Portals and abandoned websites on the internet. Too high: u$10.000/month or more the most expensive agencies often have many reasons to justify the high price. Maybe they are the best at what they do. Or maybe they offer more services than any of their competitors.

Sometimes the cost is worth it

But it would generally be too expensive to be sustainable Greece WhatsApp Number List for a small business. Fair and reasonable: u$ 1.500- u$ 3.500 / month if you are looking for a modern seo agency that does comprehensive. Safe and proven work. I believe that this price range is the minimum investment that can be applied to an seo campaign. Those who spend more than $ 1.000 a month are much more likely to be extremely or very satisfied with the quality of their seo services compared to those who spend less.

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It’s affordable enough for small businesses

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But high enough to not be too true. Of course. If you have Italy WhatsApp Number List a huge website with thousands of pages. Expect this cost to add up. Big investments. Big results? Seo isn’t cheap . Especially if you want to do it right. But you also don’t need to spend your entire budget on seo to see results. Spend too little and you’ll probably get low-quality seo that won’t help your rankings. Spend enough and you’re probably just wasting money.

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