I believe that a good seo professional should charge at least

Seo writing from us$ 0.15 to us$ 0.50 per word. Site I believe that a good content audit at a cost of us$200 to us$5.000 per audit profile link audit at us$500 to us$7.500 per audit optimized social networks range between us$300 and us$2.000 for the 5 main social media channels typically including facebook . Twitter . Google . Linkedin and youtube where appropriate. Other possible platforms to consider are pinterest and instagram. Seo consulting by the hour hourly consulting can be a great option for getting seo work done on a lower budget.

To minimize the hours you pay and get the most

However.  out of the work. Hourly consulting works Finland WhatsApp Number List well only if you have a pretty decent basic knowledge in seo. An seo consultancy can range between us$50 to $300 per hour in latin america for an expert seo consultant . You’re paying for experience. So an seo consultant who charges less than $100/hour is probably not worth your time. According to ahrefs. The cost of seo in latin america here are the seo pricing highlights: 62% of specialists value their services between us$60 and us$150 per hour.

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Charge less than us$150 per hour 

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In peru it is around us$45 to us$55 per hour. Most German WhatsApp Number List contractors may be underpricing themselves. In my opinion as a specialist. I believe that a good seo professional should charge at least us$100 per hour. 24.6% of specialists in latin america indicated that they charge a monthly seo campaign between us$ 1.000 – 5.000 per month. Approximately a third (30.6%) earn less than us$1.000 per month. But almost a quarter of seo professionals (23%) of those surveyed charge around $2.

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