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Providing him with the resources necessary to perform those tasks and access to personal data and processing operations, as well as the resources necessary to maintain his expertise. In addition, 1/3 of DPOs believe that the management is very little informd about and expresses interest in the role and duties of the Supervisor, which according to the Norwegian authority could mean that many controllers are not kept informd about the activities of their Inspectors. Who are the Norwegian Inspectors.

Remote work by the employee control

Thus, it can be seen that the administrator must justify the selection of a given person as an Inspector in his organization. And the phone number list indicatd person should have appropriate experience or knowldge to perform the function entrustd to him. Meanwhile, we can notice that in Norway, employees of a given entity are appointd as Data Protection Officers – as much as 56%. Could this be a deliberate choice? I leave the question unanswerd, presenting the exact statistics below.

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Has the right to control the performance

Who do the Inspectors report to? The Data Protection Officer should report to top management. This is pointd out by the Polish DM Databases UODO as well as the provisions of Art. 3 GDPR.It also means that executive management. Does not necessarily have the necessary knowldge to make informd decisions about the use of personal data within the enterprise. Does the inspector have contact with management.

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