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This is against the letter of the law. DURATION OF DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS In our labor legislation there are specific provisions relat to disciplinary actions. They must be appli within one month of discovery of violations. Exceptions may be the period of temporary disability of the employee, the time requir to reach an agreement with the employee representative body, the period of annual mandatory leave. They do not apply within 3 months from the date the misdemeanor was committ.

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They cannot be appli to employees after two years from the date of appointment, bas on the results of audits, financial and economic activity audits or audits. It should be remember that this period Lebanon Phone Number List does not include the time of criminal proceings. If no new punishment is receiv within calendar years from the date of punishment, it is deem that no punishment has been receiv. Before the expiry of one calendar year from the date of imposition of the penalty, the employer may voluntarily lift the penalty at the request of the employee or his immiate supervisor and the employee’s representative body.

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