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Free from the concept of labor discipline Article 1 of the Labor Code of the Russian Feration clearly states that the concept of labor discipline is understood as the obligation of an employee to observe certain rules of conduct applicable to a particular employer. They include establish rules: the Labor Code, which defines the rights and obligations of the participants in an employment contract or agreement; internal conduct that determines internal regulations; a collective agreement that describes the relationship between the enterprise administration and the labor collective on various issues interactions with employees; a job description detailing all the duties.

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The employee is requir to perform in accordance with his or her position; a general statement reflecting the workplace code of conduct; and an employment contract or agreement enter into individually with each employee. The concept of labor discipline The concept of labor discipline The sum of these rules determines labor discipline, which Kazakhstan Phone Number List is characteriz by requirements not only for individual employees, but also for the entire team. Common Types of Labor Discipline Violations When applying for a job, employees are oblig to abide by the rules and norms of conduct adopt by the organization, thereby accepting and sharing the company’s values.

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But this does not mean at all that all employees fulfill their obligations unconditionally. Often, individuals do not behave in accordance with the company’s requirements. This is interpret as an employee’s violation of labor discipline, and the manager has the right to punish it. Violations of generally accept codes of conduct by employees, unintentionally DM Databases or intentionally, may lead to violations of technical, institutional or management standards of the labor process. For example, the production of a defective product due to the fault of an employee is non-compliance with technical standards, tardiness or absenteeism, refusal to perform assign work or violation of subordinate management.

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