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Negotiations with customers are always conduct by the same manager. Multiple managers are not allow to communicate with one customer at the same time, and must be agre in special cases. We only collect information that is necessary to conduct our business. For example, for legal entities, the work schule and coordinates of the person in charge are indicat. By retaining order history and interactions with consumers, you can build strategies for working with them that significantly ruce the risk of error.

Reminders To Call The Customer

If a customer leaves a competitor, the manager nes to find out why and enter the information into the database. Rules for maintaining a client base Rules for maintaining a client base Communication Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List with potential clients should be limit If negotiations fail to reach an agreement within a certain period of time, it is recommend to terminate the negotiations. You can delete the contact from the database, or try calling the customer after a few months. Monitor how often you work with customers Too frequent or random calls can scare off customers. The contact person should be contact according to a pre-determin schule or agre upon means.

Back After A Certain Amount

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In addition, when maintaining a customer base, it is necessary to take into account: changes in the infrastructure of the region or the city: the opening of new offices, shopping centers, entertainment centers and businesses. All of this is helping to replenish a sharp loss of base and customers. migration process. Some clients chang their place DM Databases of residence for some reason. It is possible to expand the base significantly due to the influx of new residents. And don’t rush to delete old customers, at least not right away. Events on a new site can attract a large number of customers. You should be very careful when maintaining your client base: mistakes are often made when entering data or copying it into other programs.

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