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Beginners who want to create a site on will easily figure out the suggest settings. To add a new block, click the plus sign below it. Use the special menu if you don’t want blocks or ne to place blocks at the very bottom of the page. Also, blocks can be mov, copi, delet, hidden, cut. You can change the design and layout, it text snippets, images, typography, set labels, and more using the settings on the block itself. To change the content of the text, use the Content button. You’ll find it in the upper left corner of the block.

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In the page settings you can specify the following options: title and description; URL in Latin letters badge image. Automatically replaces the first image on the page if you don’t set your own; Set some Saudi Arabia Phone Number List metadata; Change the name of the menu items; If you’re creating a category, mark the location folder. But this feature is only available for paid plans; specifies tags and annotations requir for filters inside constructors; others. All pages are publish individually, and websites are available immiately after creation. To spe up the publishing process, click the Publish All Pages button locat in the Site Administration menu. By default, leave Home page blank.

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You can assign whichever one you create, otherwise the constructor will determine the status of the first creat page as primary. You can change this setting by going to the site settings and selecting the Homepage item. Setting up analytics counters on sites creat on The And Analytics section lets you connect your site to the and systems. index. This is DM Databases where services are add. After connecting to the domain, go to the basic settings menu again. Then connect the counter. How to do it? The first method is to register your site with the appropriate system.

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