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Techniques for Constructing Computer Networks Techniques for Constructing Computer Networks The principles of networking can be describ as follows. When a signal is sent, it is sent to all computers immiately. The device receiving the data starts processing it. Such a scheme is successful because each computer does not start transmitting information until it is sure that there is a signal on the bus. Another notable feature is the ease of installation and configuration, especially the cost of laying cables is lower than other systems. If one of the nodes fails, the network will continue to operate.

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At the same time, a large number of participants degrades the performance of the system, and a bus failure causes all users to be disconnect at the same time. Ring This method is similar to Belize Phone Number List building a line, except that the computers are connect to form a ring. The signal only moves in one direction. In order to be able to send data back, the ring is doubl. Information is mov sequentially from one computer to another and analyz. If the signal has reach its destination, process it, otherwise move on. The system was creat without problems and does not require high costs. The ring structure of the network differs from the linear structure in terms of higher data transfer rate and reliability.

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The number of connect devices can run into the thousands. However, if the signal disappears in any area, the system will immiately fail. Multi-connection This technology provides high-spe data transmission. Also, a defect in one of the nodes will not affect overall performance, and the other devices will function normally. Such systems, due DM Databases to their high cost, are not widely us. Often, critical facilities require it when maximum spe and stability of work come to the fore. Star This scheme is bas on connecting closely spac computers to a switch or switch hub in the middle.

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