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This device may exist originally on the computer’s motherboard, or it may be an external device that is provid separately from the motherboard and plugs into its designat slot. There are two methods of organizing computer networks. The easiest way is to connect the two computers to each other. This is done using a single cable that nes to be connect to a network adapter. Then make the corresponding operating system settings. A more difficult task is to create a network of three or more computers. In this case, ordinary cables are not suitable and connections must be made through special devices, which include network switches (switches) and network hubs (hubs).

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Types of Computer Networks Consider the main types of computer networks, distinguish by several characteristics, and give a brief description of them. Length The minimum space occupi by a personal computer network on a geographical basis. They can be organiz directly on the owner’s desktop. Such a network may be implement using Austria Phone Number List Bluetooth wireless communication mechanisms. Types of Computer Networks Types of Computer Networks Next is a local computer network locat within a building or within several nearby buildings. Their length varies from a few meters to a kilometer. Municipal networks usually operate at specific locations.

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Now that the municipal network is widespread, you can start using your city phone, TV and internet as soon as you connect. The length of this network depends on the size of the settlement and can DM Databases reach several kilometers. A global computer network that occupies the territory of an entire country or part of the world. Especially in Russia, they belong to large telephone operators and serve data transmission and Internet access. Their length can be arbitrary, up to thousands of kilometers. Finally, the Internet or World Wide Web brings together many individual computer networks.

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