B2b Content Marketing Trends For 2023

Popular audiovisual formats in content marketing like podcasts, videos, carousels, and infographics are not just for B2C anymore. People love them because they’re easier to consume. That doesn’t mean long-form written content is obsolete; it is here to stay, but the use of multimedia content is trending upward. Here is a glimpse of the content marketing trends in which B2B marketers are investing for 2023.

The Stats on Content Marketing in 2022

Justify your content marketing decisions for 2023 with these statistics:

Marketing budgets have reset to pre-pandemic levels and have gone beyond 10% – a first in 10 years, according to the whatsapp mobile number list latest CMO Survey.
47% of buyers will go through three to five pieces of content first before reaching out to a sales representative (Hubspot).
83% of marketers agree that higher quality content published less often is more effective than more frequent, lower quality content (Hubspot).
The top media formats marketers leveraged in 2022 were video (59%), followed by blogs (48%), images (46%), and infographics (45%). (Hubspot)
52% of YouTube’s top 100 searches are brand searches (Sprout Social)

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Customers leveraging interactive content saw a 94% higher increase in content views compared with customers who leveraged traditional, static content (e.g., static images and text-only pages), according to a two-year, 160,000 content share study by Mediafly. So what does interactive content really mean?

It encompasses all content that requires user participation through clicking, answering questions, or using widgets.

In the B2B setting, accounting firms, for example, can add calculators and assessment forms on their websites. Meanwhile, companies seeking to explain technical processes like water treatment or car batteries DM Databases would be best served by animat infographics where you can hover over elements to get a brief description.

To help you get starte, focus on the context of your ideal client and imagine what communicating your value proposition through these visuals would look like.

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