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The knowlge and skill level of the trainee shows how much time the mentor has invest in him. For example, a student who adheres to an independent study style contacts the tutor weekly to receive new assignments and discuss complet work. On average about hours per day are spent checking assignments and consulting. Students with poor independence and no knowlge base ne more attention. They require frequent retrospective meetings. Courses in this ward require hours per week. If one has no theoretical basis at all, then the help of a tutor will be completely ineffective. Before contacting a tutor, these people ne to learn the necessary basic knowlge, either by themselves or by attending the teacher’s lecture.

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Duties of Mentor and Mentee Duties of Mentor and Mentee Communication between mentor and ward takes place in an atmosphere of kindness. Tutors are always happy to respond to student Indonesia Phone Number List requests and answer questions, but at the same time respect the collaborative process and the boundaries of the tutor. Both participants are fully aware of the extent of responsibility. They can change the rules at any stage if necessary. The main task of a tutor is to establish communication first and then maintain their level. The tutor takes care of the student and records his progress at all stages of the collaboration.

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